of Sparkles of Light

Even as a child it was clear to me that I wanted to become a fashion designer. That’s why I started into the glittering world of fashion at the age of 22 after my studies.

After 16 years of permanent employment as a designer, I started my own business as a freelance designer and thus gained a bit of freedom and more distance to the industry. This allowed me to look at many things “from the outside” and to think a lot about the sense and nonsense of the fashion industry.

But it was only after studying the philosophy of Light Awareness according to David Wared for several years that I was able to organize my thoughts and feelings more and more. The vision of a light collection grew in me:

A collection that is not dependent on a fashion dictate, but arises out of freedom, peace, truth, love and unity:

A collection that not only serves to cover the body, but also makes people aware that clothing has the potential to energize and heal through its colours & special production.

A collection that practices Slow Fashion, that is modern and timeless, and that pays tribute to people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.

SPARKLES OF LIGHT arises from the desire to touch and support people in their hearts, so that they can feel their freedom and become more aware of themselves and their fashion consumption; so that they can listen more and more to their innermost being and no longer let themselves be limited by fashion.

With this collection, SPARKLES OF LIGHT wants to provide impulses for a rethinking in the entire consumer world and thus lead to more awareness in the world.

I am very grateful to be able to serve people with this peace collection.