PEACE – from the perspective of the light awareness philosophy

According to the light awareness philosophy, peace is one of the 5 eternally valid values. Eternally valid because PEACE is always there. Only we humans have forgotten it, suppressed it, ignored it and postponed it. If we set out on the path, we can think it up again, feel it and experience it in action.

Everyone starts with oneself: Peace begins within me! You are probably now saying “I don’t have a war or war doesn’t come from me”. But that is not the same. “No war” does not automatically mean “peace”.

It is about pacifying the inner warrior against oneself. The “little man in your ear” who is always telling you “that’s not good enough”, “you’re too fat”, “you’re stupid”…etc. The light awareness philosophy shows ways how you can pacify these sentences within yourself.

Then it is about peace with your environment. With people, animals, plants and Mother Earth. Can you feel them empathically? Do you live in order, harmony and rhythm with them? When everyone has achieved this, then peace has come alive.



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