The vision of an energetic collection for the benefit of people, is born from the Philosophy of Light Awareness and the understanding of extended humanity.

David Wared brought in 1974 with the Light Awareness Philosophy a vision of peace for all mankind, a religion- and system-free basis for a world peace order. According to the Philosophy of Light Awareness, peace is an existence and it is always there. Every human being has the chance and possibility to take over his responsibility and to rediscover this eternal, infinite and immortal peace in himself. Thus, everyone contributes to worldwide peace by making peace with himself and his environment.

Based on a universal ethics, it shows us the possibility of peaceful actions in our everyday life. This ethic is called “extended humanity”, i.e. all life has ONE origin and thus everything comes from unity. From this derives the equality of human, animal, plant and Mother Earth. From this realization humans begin to take responsibility for their thinking, feeling and acting. Then s/he lives in appreciation, protection and empathy for all and everything, especially for everything that is weaker than s/he is.

According to these principles we develop SPARKLES OF LIGHT and offer you a possibility to get into contact and communication with yourself and with others about the essential topic PEACE.

“Look into the depths,
not just the peak of the iceberg.
Look into the vastness,
not just the next hill.
Look to the heights,
not just the nearest clouds.”


Have you become curious? The Light Awareness Philosophy includes a wide range of offers for finding and stabilising individual and global peace, such as courses + workshops in various forms of meditation, LightYoga, energy dancing or sound treatments. There are also different education courses offered, such as LightYoga teacher, meditation teacher or a deepening philosophy course in light awareness. We will introduce you to these specialisations in our blog.

You can find more information about the great world peace visions of the Light Awareness Philosophy here: