Energetic clothing

In our fast-moving time, we surround ourselves with many things without checking whether they also energically serve us well. Something that surrounds us every day is our clothing. We as humans may learn again to be more aware of ourselves, what we wear and listen to our inner voice, to perceive our feelings.
From the philosophy of light awareness and the understanding of expanded humanity, we follow a completely new approach:

We see clothing as something living, energizing and healing.

What exactly does this mean for our collection?

our Hight Lights.

This is what makes our collection so special:

Energetic shell.

When you put on a piece of clothing, you also put on the energy with which it was designed & produced. Clothing is therefore an energetic shell in which you choose to clothe yourself. Therefore, it is so important that you pay attention to what you wear.


We focus on energizing humans. We connect fashion with the healing understanding of the light awareness philosophy. SPARKLES OF LIGHT energizes you physically, mentally and spiritually.


From the source of the light awareness every piece is inspired. The pure vibration of the 11 basic values works through it. It is about FREEDOM – PEACE – TRUTH – LOVE – UNITY – ORDER – HARMONY – RHYTHM – LIGHT – LOVE – LIFE.

Light point colors.

We use in our collection exclusively light point colors. These are particularly energetic colors that correspond to the energy entry gates of the human body.

Messages of peace.

Our prints are freedom, peace, truth, love and unity wisdom and at the same time life messages. They impulse peace in you and your environment.


We bless each garment for you in the name of light, love, life, healing, strength & blessing. Thus, it gets the highest healing frequency and thus becomes a sacred garment for you.

The collection is full of admiration for the animals


the animals are equal beings like us. Therefore, we respect them as the same, and we do not use any animal products.

The collection is full of admiration for nature


therefore we pay attention to resource-saving materials, use biologically dyed qualities and treat nature with care.

The collection is full of admiration for the people


We do not only produce sustainable & fair, but we design & manufacture the garments with a love and an energy that touches the people wearing them!