Your daily dose of meditation

Mindfulness for oneself is an increasingly important value in our fast-moving times.

Let’s be honest, haven’t you had the secret wish to try meditation for a long time? But you don’t really know how? Then now is the right time, because meditation is finding its way into western society. The Institute for the Future said “Meditation will be the new jogging and will become the leader ship tool of the 21st century”.

Although we must be careful not to fall into a performance trap again: meditation to increase work performance is not the real purpose of meditation.

According to light awareness, meditation is a way of becoming aware of one’s own core, one’s essence. Essential here is conscious and deep abdominal breathing, which supports the letting go of thoughts and emotions.

Meditation is a healing action through which a person can become aware of what is really happening and how he deals with it. It directs the attention inward, through which the essential comes into the perception and the integration of the true is encouraged.

Meditating helps to get a new inner orientation, which corresponds to the true being. It shows ways to exist satisfied and happy. With increasing self-recognition, the importance of meditation in daily life increases, so that man in his highest realization becomes more and more a meditator in his actions.

If you don’t want to start meditating on your own, you are welcome to participate in the guided meditations at the Light Awareness Academy in Düsseldorf. More information at

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