Light point colours


According to the philosophy of light awareness, the human body forms an energy field that absorbs and releases universal energy. Light points are particularly sensitive areas of the body through which the universal energy flows in and out of the body. Every living being has 15 main light points.

Each one of these 15 light points makes an area of universal energy accessible to the human being. Each of these energy gates is associated with specific organs and is assigned to a specific color. This color positively supports energy absorption and healing in the corresponding organ.

“Not only the perception through the eyes, but also the contact with the skin has a specific influence, especially when light points are touched with their own color. Here, their naturalness and vibrancy is essential. A low-energy person can strengthen himself with the appropriate colors, even a sick person can give himself healing impulses with colors and engage in conscious or subconscious impulse giving.” David Wared



The following is an excerpt of the meaning of the 15 light point colours and their effect as clothing on body, mind and soul. Here it is explained what the colours symbolize and what impulses they can set in the person.



White stands for the purity and clarity of the Absolute, on the other hand also for the joy, unity and perfection, which are connected with the highest earthly plane of existence. It symbolizes freedom in the absolute sense, the transmission of cosmic light. White stands for order, insight and the creative power.

White supports the liberation from imprinting patterns and the fulfillment of the essential tasks of life, when humans open themselves to inspirations and spiritual impulses and realize their freedom of choice in their sense. The colour white gives us the strongest energetic protection!

White is the colour of the crown light point and is associated with the central nervous system and the pineal gland.



Violet is considered the colour of spirituality, the true path in life and stands for change, transformation and transcendence. Violet supports the spiritual fullness of life, it is the colour for inner maturity and spiritual growth. It symbolizes the greatest depth of any colour and has the highest frequency in the spectrum of visible light.

Violet supports in clarity and expansion of perception for spiritual dimensions, awareness of one’s own greatness and task and strengthens attentiveness. It gives us high energetic protection.

Violet is the colour of the spirit eye light point and is related to the eyes and brain.



Blue stands for the width of the sky, for the infinity of the seas and for the courage to go into the vastness. Blue stands for the protection of the individual, the ease and success in business. Blue appeals to the cleverness and prudence, self-respect, self-discipline and the ability to overcome emotions and to let vastness take place.

Blue supports the connection between inside and outside and thus a conscious entry into life. Blue facilitates the hearing of the inner voice, the own soul call to recognize the vocation.

Also the interpersonal communication and understanding is supported. Listening, accepting and letting in are good prerequisites for peaceful communication.

Blue is the colour of the mouth-nose-ears light points and is related to breathing, sinuses, sense of smell and teeth.



Turquoise symbolizes self-confidence, self-expression and openness. Turquoise also stands for communication and fertile, expanding dialogues with others. It is composed of blue (expansiveness and openness) and green (fertility and growth).

Turquoise supports the clear and authentic expression of one’s own thoughts and feelings to enable communication and build true connection with others and connection to one’s own creative power. This strengthens the own creativity.

Turquoise is the colour of the throat light point. With the organ reference voice and thyroid gland, it is the colour that strengthens the connection between thinking and feeling, mind and heart.



Sky blue is the blue of the sky, which allows infinite expansion and connects the earthly with the transcendental plane. Sky blue represents the direct connection to the highest self. It expresses openness, serenity and clarity.

Sky blue supports the connectedness with everything that exists. It strengthens the assumption of responsibility for one’s own life and thus supports one’s own growth and the development of one’s own potential.

Sky blue is the colour of the lung light points and has a relation to the respiratory organs of an individual, the lungs and bronchi. Conscious breathing expands, energizes, vitalizes and connects.



Rose is a harmonious delicate colour that represents love and intimacy. Rose represents empathy, forgiveness and friendship.

Rose radiates pleasant warmth, tenderness and liveliness.

Salmon rose rather symbolizes love and trust.

Indian delicate rose carries the message of happiness and intimacy.

Rose promotes understanding of oneself and fellow beings. It supports the opening and intuition to receive intuitions from the direct connection to essence-reality. It also supports the integration of impulses from the co-world into one’s own reflections. Integration is an important step on the path to healing.

Rose is the colour of the heart light point, which is associated with vital organs such as the heart, circulation and thymus gland, which are the connection of all energy pathways.



Green symbolizes power, expression, vitality, liveliness and also relaxation. Green stands for growth, fertility, protection and nurturing. Green is the colour of life.

Green promotes the distinction between wholesome and harmful and that both in spiritual-mental and material ways.

A light lime green strengthens independence and protects against energy drain from the outside.

A leaf green or apple green calms and relaxes, because it is the colour of plant life, which triggers inner peace.

A bottle green contributes to one’s own security and peace with others.

Green is the colour of the stomach light point. The stomach is an important organ for growth and food intake. In it, a distinction between digestible and non-digestible foods takes place.



Yellow represents the sun and fire – the sources of warmth, life energy and power.Yellow represents the ability to deal with all life situations and to enjoy the joy in their own lives.

Yellow supports people to achieve their goals and pass tests.

A bright yellow brings the sun into the mind and stands for sympathy.

A strong yellow tone shows the light-bringing and truth-loving attitude that illuminates and enlightens everything.

Yellow is the colour of the liver light point and has an organ relation to the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. In these vital glands processes of transformation and energy providing for the body take place.



Light brown stands for peace, blockage release and salvation. Light brown symbolizes an entering and engaging with everything to deal with it, to purification and liberation from all material, from emotions and blockages, so from everything that hinders a fresh start.

Light brown promotes the connection to yourself, to the people and the origin. It supports in engaging with everything to deal with it and clear everything. It helps to let his feelings flow and in the union of old and new, masculine and feminine, mind and feeling.

Light brown is the colour of the kidney light points and is related to the kidneys, which regulate blood pressure and water balance in the body.



Yellow-orange is an expression of elemental power, originality, self-expression, enthusiasm and highest vitality. Yellow-Orange is a warm, radiant, soothing and eye-catching color. It combines the radiant yellow with the energetic red to a color that radiates more collection and tranquility than yellow or red for themselves and yet loses nothing of their power.

Yellow-Orange supports in the anchoring in the earthly world through the sense of basic trust, the original power and the originality. Yellow-Orange supports in the realization of goals.

Yellow-Orange is the colour of the navel light point and acts on the intestines, the bones and the immune system.



Dark red symbolizes passion, vitality and the emergence of new life. It is the colour of inner abundance, to develop out of this abundance own creativity, so the awareness of creative potential.

Dark red supports the connection to the creative energy, the creation and enjoyment of their own existence in the body, whereby the love of life is expressed.

Dark red strengthens self-worth, self-love and helps to go your own way to free yourself from old limitations. In the partnership area dark red strengthens the ability to relate and intimacy.

Dark red is the colour of the genital light points and is associated with the genital system, the mammary glands and the lymphatic system.



Red-orange is the colour of vitality, of movement and activity. It symbolizes the joy of life and the inner satisfaction that comes when the movement comes easily. Going through life with ease. Red-orange stands for peacefulness and purposefulness.

Red-orange supports to trust one’s intuition and to take a direction that corresponds to one’s inner striving. It is about self-trust and authenticity.

Red-Orange is the colour of the hip light point and has an organ relation to the entire sacral and pelvic area.



Light red is a powerful and dominant color that directly expresses the energy. It expresses that the person lives by tackling something and stepping to innovative drive.

Light red supports the intense inflow and outflow of energy, giving and receiving, feeling, connecting and reconciling. Light red strengthens the action offensive of the person.

Light red is the color of the hand light point. The hands are connected to all organs through the reflex zones.



Pink orange is the expression of humility, towards everything that supports, sustains and promotes us. This is a highly spiritual attitude because it acknowledges one’s greatness and praises the Divine, becoming the guiding light for one’s existence. Pink-Orange expresses acceptance and respect towards all life.

Pink-Orange supports stability and flexibility in all movements and strengthens assertiveness. Pink-Orange promotes the awareness of the higher self and one’s own potential, this leads to gentleness and relaxation.

Pink-Orange is the colour of the knee light points and has an organ relation to all muscles in the body.



Dark brown stands for reliability, grounding and connectedness. The merger with the primordial ground brings stability. It is about feeling gratitude, experiencing joy, standing on your own feet and walking for your happiness. Dark brown also stands for openness and honesty in life.

Dark brown supports the discharge of the old from the body and the close connection to Mother Earth. This increases one’s own steadfastness and creates a sense of security to be carried by life.

Dark brown is the colour of the foot light points.The feet are connected via the reflex zones with all organs in the body.