PEACE – from the perspective of the light awareness philosophy

Peace, according to the Light Awareness Philosophy, is a presentness and one of the 5 eternal values. It is eternally valid because PEACE is always there. Only we humans have forgotten it, suppressed it, ignored it and postponed it. If we set out on the path, we can think it up again, feel it and bring it alive into action.

Peace is the unconditional acceptance and appreciation of ourselves and all beings. To be at peace means to be free of polarities, that is, not to be against something, but always for something. Through peace we are connected to our essence and it serves as a source of strength.

The Peace Philosophy according to David Wared starts with the individual. Everyone may look at himself, how far am I in my peace? Because peace always starts within me! This also means to pacify the inner warrior within oneself. The “little man in your ear” who always tells you “that’s not good enough”, “you’re not right”, “you can’t do that”…etc.

Light Awareness Philosophy uses peace communication to show ways to pacify these phrases within yourself. Peace communication includes all immediate connections from spirit to spirit, soul to soul and body to body. It is caused by the inner longing for peace and happens without expectation and evaluation of oneself or the other. It is a gift and a soul message to all fellow human beings.

If you are in your peace, you see a conflict as a task and a challenge to develop a happy solution. Above this, it is possible to expand peace.

The next step is to be at peace with your environment, with people, animals, plants and Mother Earth. Can you feel them empathically? Do you live with them in order, harmony and rhythm?

This is how peace comes alive from you, from your thinking, feeling and acting. When you are at peace, you remind others and reconnect them to their peace as well.

By wearing the T-shirts from our Peace Collection in the matching lightpointcolors, you connect even deeper with your peace, for example in a meditation, and also remind others of their peace through the clear message.

“Peace has taken a form, the form of your physicality.
Let yourself become fully aware of it.
Your body is a place of peace.
Worship, admire and praise peace bodily, soulfully, spiritually.”

David Wared

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