…the print on your T-shirt and the effect on you?

There are people who buy a printed T-shirt because they like the colour, but they don’t even notice the message printed on the shirt. Energetically, every sign is information and vibration and has an effect on people, similar to the effect of the colour of a garment.
But if you feel it, you can clearly feel the different vibration of a negative sentence on a T-shirt and a positive message.
The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto was able to make this connection of information transfer visible by means of water crystals. In his book “The Message of Water” he describes his study of water.
He discovered a way to photograph frozen water crystals. Emoto explored what changes the structure of water. With his photos, he proves that water reacts to vibration, music and words, i.e. information is transferred to the structure of water through “forms” such as words and images.
Even if the effect of a T-shirt print on a person cannot yet be scientifically proven, everyone can check for himself how he feels with it. Additionally it is exciting to observe the resonance of the fellow humans on the different information on its T-Shirt.

Picture of KaKa