By Karin | 12. May 2020

The ethics of extended humanity according to the Light Awareness extends the limitation of ethics focused on good behavior.

Extended humanity includes the unity and connectedness of all that exists. It is the complete acceptance of all creation. It is realized when the equality of man, animal, plant and nature is seen and lived. This expresses the free and humble attitude towards everything else.

Man has a lasting effect when he feels responsible for his thinking, feeling and acting, especially when he secures the supply of future generations. The sustainability of all actions contributes to a social order of mutual respect and benevolence. A light-conscious social order serves everyone and promotes human development.

This ethics serves the general good, not only with regard to man and the state community, but with equal weighting of all creatures and continents. It is also about more than just usefulness. It is about real togetherness, it is about protection and appreciation.