The ethics of expanded humanity according to light awareness expands the ethics that are focused on good behaviour.


Extended humanity involves the unity and interconnectedness of all that exists. It is the complete acceptance of all creation. It is realised when the equality of human, animal, plant and nature is recognised and lived by human beings. In this, the free and humble attitude towards everything else is expressed.

Humans have a sustainable impact when they feel responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions, especially when they ensure the provision for future generations. The sustainability of all actions contributes to a social order of mutual respect and goodwill. A light-conscious social order serves everyone and promotes human development.

Extended humanity serves the global well-being, not only related to the human being and the state community, but with equal importance for all creatures and parts of the earth. It is also about more than utility. It is about real togetherness, it is about protection and appreciation.

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