What does healing really mean?

“I’m not ill after all, I don’t need to be healed.” Such sentences were buzzing through my head at the beginning of my consciousness journey. But there is much more beyond HEALING than just physical healing. It also means healing of the soul and the spirit. All people worldwide long for this healing. The emotional injuries may be healed, the spiritual blockages may be released.

Light essence therapy focuses on all these issues. This new form of therapy is part of the light awareness philosophy and has many ways and possibilities to cause healing. Everyone can find a form of therapy that suits him or her. There are, for example, light constellations, energy dancing, conversation therapy, light point activation, healing caresses, sound therapy, painting therapy and many more. We will gradually introduce these healing methods to you in our blog, as well as reports from people who have experienced healing.

The world may be healed so that peace can be felt ❤.

Picture of KaKa