What is behind the philosophy of light awareness?

She brings the feminine, the feeling into philosophy, which has been missing for thousands of years in the history of philosophy! She gives answers to the questions: Where does man come from? Where is man going? What is the meaning of his existence?

The light awareness philosophy includes a doctrine of creation, new forms of therapy for all disease patterns. It follows the approach that every illness has a meaning and gives the possibility to experience healing. Life thus gives you every day all chances and possibilities to experience and recognise mental and spiritual issues and thereby to pacify them and to come into salvation.

It is about RESPONSIBILITY, but also makes clear that everyone has a FREE CHOICE to change his life and become healed.

Light awareness philosophy has also expanded yoga, for example, with a healing form of yoga called Light Yoga. If you want to know more about it, you will find it here: LICHT-YOGA

A world peace vision through the building of cities of peace worldwide is just as much a part of the philosophy as a state model of peace. More information about the cities of peace can be found here: CITIES OF PEACE

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